Summertime at Tree Tops

Summertime at Tree Tops

It is this time of year, when we throw open the windows and doors and welcome the summer with open arms, that Tree Tops comes into its own.

With the sun cracking the flags, we are surrounded by a riot of colour and smells as our gardens come into full bloom.

Our parks of caravans and lodges is famed for its surroundings and it is often our landscaping and array of blooms that people fall for, far before they get down to the nitty gritty of choosing their ideal caravan or lodge!

Over the years, we’ve won countless awards for our gardens with Wales in Bloom top of the list. We also hold the David Bellamy Conservation Award for our dedication to nature and wildlife. Garden judging season is upon us and our team of gardeners have once again pulled out all the stops to make the gardens blossom for visitors and judges alike.


We’ve an abundance of flowers, trees, plants and shrubs on display this year, many grown in our own greenhouses and lovingly tended all year around to look their very best. Our baskets and borders are teaming with colour and spectacle with thousands of new plants added this year alone.  But it’s not just the gardens putting on a stellar show. Over the last few weeks we’ve been treated to amazing sunset after amazing sunset seen from all the park’s caravans and lodges, a photographer’s dream.



If you’ve not been to Tree Tops before, why not pop in and explore for yourself? We’d be happy to show you around. T: 01745 560279 E: info@treetopscaravanpark.co.uk




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