Getting Your Holiday Home Caravan Purchase Right

Getting Your Holiday Home Caravan Purchase Right

If you’re looking to buy a static caravan as your holiday home take a look at our blog for our top tips and advice.


Alongside buying a home or choosing a new car, purchasing a static caravan is both a lifestyle choice and a significant investment.

At Tree Tops Caravan Park, in North Wales, we pride ourselves on offering a home-from-home environment for our customers, providing stunning caravans and lodges in an unrivalled location.

We aim to provide outstanding customer service, a caravan park second-to-none, and a base from which to explore all North Wales has to offer.


Sound perfect? It is.

But there’s much more to buying a static caravan or lodge than meets the eye.

We actively encourage all our potential customers to take their time and do their research before making what is essentially a long-term commitment.

At Tree Tops, we believe openness and honesty is key to a successful customer relationship and with so many choices to make and questions to ask we’re giving you some key things to consider in this blog to help you on your buying journey.


Location, location, location


A static caravan is a lifestyle choice so it pays to spend some time thinking about the reasons you want to buy.

  • Is it to give you and your family regular breaks?
  • To spend more time with children and grandchildren?
  • Or a bolt hole to escape to at the end of the busy week?


Taking a little time to think it through can help you decide on the right location and park.

  • Do you want peace and quiet, or hustle and bustle?
  • How far are you prepared to travel to reach your holiday caravan?


Think also about how many times a year you’ll be able to visit. It’s likely you’ll be at your chosen caravan park for a long time so it needs to suit you and your family.

With that in mind, create a shortlist of favoured locations and what you’d like from your caravan site.


Next steps


Choosing a location is just the first step. The next is to set a budget – both minimum and maximum – and not deviate from it.

Once you’ve done this, take time to work through your shortlist and explore online.

Reading customers reviews and discovering the parks facilities are just part of the decision-making process.  It’s important to visit the park too – and not just once!

Here at Tree Tops Caravan Park, we encourage potential customers to visit as many times as they please. We’ll happily show you around and talk through all we offer but it’s just as important to spend time on your own, without us, exploring the park and our caravans and lodges.

Visiting at different times will give you a feel for the park during the day and evening.

Talk to existing customers – there’s no better reference than from those already on-site!

Don’t be swayed by a ‘hard-sell’ either. At Tree Tops we’re about helping you make the right choice at the right time for you but some parks will push for a sale.

During your visit, think and ask about the following:

  • How long is the park open for?
  • Does it have the facilities you want and need?
  • What kind of caravan are you looking for?
  • How many rooms/bedrooms will you need?
  • Does the park match your lifestyle shortlist?


The last leg


Now you’ve chosen your park and caravan or lodge, you may think the hard work is done. Not quite! This last part is the most important and where we encourage our customers to really do their homework before committing.

One of our customers, Keith Smith, joined us several years ago. He was thorough in his research, set his budget, determined travel times from his home in Burton upon Trent, and, most importantly, asked lots of questions.

Here are Keith’s top tips for buying a caravan.

Be clear from the outset about the sites fees and ask to see a copy of the parks site agreement in advance.

Be clear from the outset about the sites fees and ask to see a copy of the parks site agreement in advance. Mr Smith found some sites wouldn’t share their agreements with him. We believe in being open and honest and are happy to provide our agreement in advance of a visit. Doing this gives you the chance to explore the terms and conditions of the park and the sale and we recommend customers go through this information carefully. If a park won’t share their agreement with you ahead of a sale ask yourself – and them – why not.

Make sure you check the paperwork thoroughly and look carefully at the length of time a site will grant a licence for. At Tree Tops we generally offer a 20 year licence agreement for caravans, but not all parks are the same.

Check out disconnection charges and, if you think you might sell your caravan at a later date, then be clear in advance about what would happen to your caravan during that period. Mr Smith discovered some sites would tow his caravan away if it didn’t sell and would charge for storage at the same time.

Also, determine the percentage a park will expect to take on a caravan sale. Mr Smith found some parks would state the minimum percentage they’d take on a resale but not a maximum. Asking questions at this stage avoids unnecessary surprises in the future.

Be thorough in discussing ongoing or additional running costs including:

  • Site fees
  • General maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Gas and electricity rates


Talk to other caravan users too and certainly don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Talk to other caravan users too and certainly don’t be afraid to ask questions.


This may seem a lot to take in, but remember, taking the time to do your research at this stage will ensure you’ll ultimately be having the best of times at a park suited to you.


If you need more help, we’re always happy to answer questions. You can call us on 01745 560279 and visit us seven days a week.


You can browse some of the caravans and lodges for sale here.

We often have a selection of beautiful pre-owned caravans for sale too. Contact us for more details.


Tree Tops Caravan Park is a member of the British Holiday Home and Home Parks Association.


Additional notes:

Tree Tops Caravan Park in North Wales offers a great experience for those wishing to own their own holiday bolthole.  We’re a family run caravan park and we offer a range of caravans for sale  to offer most budgets.  Tree Tops is the perfect, peaceful base from which to explore North Wales.  For more information please call 01745 560279.



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